Need to know Apple Programming software

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I am a programmer and trying to learn apple programming language. I need to know what programming language iPhone apps are coded ? and do i need MAC OS for programming iPhone apps? Also tell me a software that codes for iPhone apps and can make new iPhone apps easily. If anyone has programming language experience please help.

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Need to know Apple Programming software


Dear Ahmad Devante,

Step wise answer for all of your questions are as follows.

1. Apple's programs, softwares and applications are developed in Javascript, c, objective c, c++ and swift (a newly created language by apple based on objective C, simple and powerful) languages. 

2. IPhone apps are coded in the above mentioned languages, especially objective C, java script and Swift.

3. Yes, you need MAC OS for properly creating and testing new apps. On windows OS There is no proper way. But you don't need to get the latest MAC. You can also use the old model and versions of OS, Snow Leopard version of MAC OS X is good enough but latest  model will surely more beneficial and powerful

4. XCode is the official IDE and is available freely at Apple store. IOS and apps are developed using XCode. 

Apple has also initiated "iOS Developer Program" which costs 99$ / year. Although enrollment in this program is not mandatory , however it will be very very beneficial as you will have access to all available resources, guidelines, libraries, forums and other mediums where you can not only learn and develop the apps for iOS but can also test the apps to full extent before entering into market.

If you want to learn iOS programming from basics to advance, I suggest the best way to learn it from "Stanford University". Its lectures about "iOS Programming" are freely available over internet and teaches you from basic to advance upto apps development.

Hope this will help you.

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