Why can’t I install SysAid Deployment Tool

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Hi there, You guys!

I am facing this message when I try to install the SysAid Deployment Tool: "HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized". This error message popped up after entering the Account ID and Serial Key. I copied both from SysAid Info Page so, in my opinion, these should be correct.

Is there another way? Where I should look for those credentials? Please help me with this issue.

Thank you in advance!

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Why can’t I install SysAid Deployment Tool


 Dear Alex, 

This error is similar to Forbidden error 403. However it occurs in case where authentication is feasible but has somehow failed due to some hindrances in communication.

We need to figure out what actually happens when you copy all data from the download URL of SysAid helpdesk. Account name and serial number should be checked in this case and should be fine. Do also check the server address and see if this is correct as well.

Sometimes there is a mismatch in the used port. Helpdesk Tomcat is basically use the following port 8080. Hence you need to enter “IIS Address:8080” which is the correct address for proper communication with SysAid's Tomcat.

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Why can’t I install SysAid Deployment Tool


When you install the SysAid Administrator Tools, you're providing it with the server URL, account ID and serial. Once done, it goes to that URL to verify the account ID and serial are matching the information on the server. If it doesn't match, it would say that the account informatino is not correct.

Otherwise, it didn't even reach to a state where it knows if the details are correct or not. Error 401 indicates that the webserver didn't accept the connection because it requires authentication (which the installer cannot do). I am guessing that you integrated your SysAid server with IIS and then configured the website in IIS for Integrated Windows Authentication.

If this is the case, IIS isn't accepting the anonymous connection. You should either allow anonymous connections or just point the installer (change the URL) to the Tomcat HTTP port (therefore bypassing the authentication requirement).

I hope this helps,


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