White Screen after performing scan with Ad-Aware 2007

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Hi everyone,

My monitor is very old. I was trying to do an ad-aware 2007 scan when it encountered a problem. I think it is what is known as the white screen of death. How do I fix such?

I also tried to connect my monitor with another one, would there be a problem.

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White Screen after performing scan with Ad-Aware 2007



You can follow the steps listed below for your troubleshooting.

  1. Restore factory defaults for your monitor
  2. Check your VGA cable connector sometimes the pins are damaged and signals are not working between you PC and monitor.
  3. Connect you monitor with another PC and see if you get the white screen there as well. If you get the correct display on another PC your monitor is fine.
  4. Next thing is to check your video card, if you have a spare video card you can install that card into your PC and check the screen.

Hope these steps help you in troubleshooting your issue.

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