Which one is better? Windows 7 or Windows 8?

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Windows 7 is older than Windows 8 but there are many people who still use it. Some say that Windows 8 is better while some of them Support Windows 7. Which is the best among the above mentioned two? What are the features that makes one better than the other? Which is the best solution for a teachers and learners?

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Which one is better? Windows 7 or Windows 8?

The latest version of Windows has more features.
Window 8 can automatically connect to VPNs. 
Both use BitLocker Drive encryption as a security feature.  
Window 8 can only take 10-15 sec to boot up while window 7 takes much more time than that,
Window 8 adds some more tools for desktop users.
Most of the software run on Windows 8 but 7 cannot support them.
Window 7 is easy to use while 8 is but difficult.
Windows 8 download new apps from Windows store.
Windows 8 has its own antivirus called 'Defender'.
In Windows 7 we have to use Live mail for our emails, but 8 has a new 'Mail' app.
Windows 8 is on top by user review and has more features than Windows 7. It is the upgraded version of Microsoft. I suggest you to go for Windows 8 instead of 7 for better results. It is faster, easier, and reliable.  


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