Which is good laptop Vs gaming console?help

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Hi guys, I want to know which is better to buy laptop or gaming console as I love playing games and I was considering buying laptop which suits my need of playing games and should have good graphics quality but I don't know much about all this stuff so thought why not go for gaming console please advice me which I should buy and if laptop which laptop with name and if gaming console which gaming console with details?thanks in advance

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Which is good laptop Vs gaming console?help



Two are completely different and their working purpose is also distinct from each other. It depends on your choice.

Laptop is considered as the travelling computer. It has all the components just like an ordinary PC, but small in size. It is of best use for professionals who need to work outside. You can install any operating system and play game on it. But the problem is, little size and little power. If you keep on gaming for a long time, it will turn into just a piece of junk, turning into a ruin of PC.

Gaming consoles are completely for gaming and able to have heavy load of games. You can play as much game as you want but won’t have the features of PC as it is only for gaming, not for other work.

If you wish to play game on PC, you should get a desktop instead of laptop to have better performance and awesome experience. Desktop is easy to fix where laptop is too hard and in many case, quite impossible.

All of this depends on your choice. If you intend to play games only, you should buy any good gaming console. I recommend PS4 or Xbox One, the best ones.

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