Which free antivirus is better?

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Which is a better free antivirus? I heard that AVG is the preferred one but I would love to hear from someone who really has knowledge about these stuffs. I just got a new Lenovo laptop and I don’t know what antivirus I will be using.

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Which free antivirus is better?


Hi Mikejackson,

Yes AVG is a good free anti-virus, but the most popular and the number one on most review charts would be Avast Home Edition 6.0. One of the reasons that make Avast 6.0 the choice of most users is because with Avast 6.0 the whole process from installing to scanning had been made quick and easy without any loss to its effectiveness in detecting harmful programs.

Naturally Avast 6.0 isn't for everyone and selecting the best Antivirus that can cater to your specific needs still comes down to preference and there is a wide range of free anti-virus software's that you can select from, but I would still recommend Avast 6.0.



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Which free antivirus is better?


Hello mike.

For me it is a tossup between Avira Antivir Personal and Avast! Free Antivirus.  Both are equally suitable for your laptop because both use only a small amount of memory and are not CPU intensive.  During on-demand scanning, both can scan fast and does not slow down your system.  Avira has the advantage of having the highest detection rate among all free antiviruses meaning it detects the most number of viruses.  Avast! has a slightly lower detection rate but it still remains popular due to its quick updates, nice user interface and multiple modules for protection such as E-mail, P2P, Web, Behavior, Script, etc.  Avira has a nag screen every time it updates and updates take a long time.

Like the above poster said, it will all boil down to what you prefer.  Give both a try but be sure to uninstall one first before installing the other.  It is never a good idea to use 2 antivirus solutions simultaneously.

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Which free antivirus is better?


The list I have provided below consists of the best computer anti viruses.

AVG (Free) – it is the best antivirus you will ever get for free. It is fully equipped to perform all the necessary operations a good anti virus should. They include email scanning, link scanning, an option to schedule your scans; it offers automatic updates and many other desirable features. It is surely one of the best free anti virus in the world.

AVAST( Free)  – This anti virus should never miss on any list of good anti viruses. It gives a thirty days free trial period. In addition to every thing else it has credible anti-spyware engines that is dedicated in protecting your computer  from threats arising from the internet, files in your computer, emails you receive, and even short instant messages.

Microsoft-Security Essentials- This anti virus also tops the list of free anti viruses with good quality and stunning performance. This shows how Microsoft are good because they have not been that experienced in antivirus making but this one meets the standards. It is very user friendly and easy to update. The update is also free. This software is reliable enough to protect you from all sorts of computer malfunctions.

COMODO Antivirus (FREE) – This one also makes it to the top list. Its free and offers you the full protection your computer needs.  It is quite similar to all the other free programs and is best for you is you need a reliable anti virus.

 Avira AntiVirus Personal – It is also free, user friendly and reliable. The pro version is purchased but even the free version meets all the average users’ needs. It’s fully fledged software.

Panda Cloud – It has also made it to the list so it’s good software so and is able to keep your computer secure.

The best thing about panda cloud is that it works using cloud technology in that you don’t have to install it on your computer hence saving you space and making your computer faster because the heavy wok is done by other computers located somewhere else.

Immunet Protect (FREE) – This one is one of the best free anti viruses you will ever find.

It is able to do all the work typical antivirus software is able to do.

You also don’t need to update it as it has a fully supported telephone update feature.

It can also work along other antivirus software’s without causing problems.

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