Which is the best, DELL, TOSHIBA or MAC?

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I am planning to have a new laptop. Which is the best to have?

Dell, Toshiba, or Mac?

I want the best one, but I want a user-friendly so that my kids could use it as well.

Can anybody help me with this?

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Which is the best, DELL, TOSHIBA or MAC?


I have a Dell Laptop for few years now, and even as how heavy I use it, it doesn’t let me down in any moment.

Dell is a better brand compared to others and offers lesser prices on their units. I can attest to its durability, but to take a note, not all units are perfect that’s why their having warranties for every unit sold.

Toshiba is another good brand that offers high quality products and known for their features like hard disk protection and others. I have several friends using Toshiba and no complaints at all, but it has higher prices than Dell (but they also varies with the unit specifications).

Mac is a great competitor of PC’s, offers a lot of features and lightweight programs that can be used and thorough designs and entertainment to graphics ability. The Apple has the title for best graphics performance. It also offers a lot different environment with Windows and other OS out there. But , of course, the highest priced product, Mac, compared to the same specifications of components inside the unit with other PC’s.

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