Encoding adhitz code to my website did not work

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I signed up as a publisher on AdHitz a couple of months ago. I was so busy at my work that I didn't get the time to check how to earn using AdHitz ads. Yesterday was my rest day and I had a spare time to look into this website.

It says that I should just paste the code generated to my website and that should be fine. The problem is that after I paste the code into the header of my WordPress site, the AdHitz banner doesn't show up on my site. I don't know if I am doing it wrong.

Please help.

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Encoding adhitz code to my website did not work


It is possible that the ad code that you pasted already expired or doesn't work anymore. Ads that doesn't work or expired will automatically display a blank image or a solid color depending on the configuration of the ads. In your case, it's a blank image.

Another possible cause is the placement of your ads. The location where you copy-pasted the ad code is also important. If you pasted the ad code to a field where it doesn't support PHP codes, then those ads with PHP codes embedded will not work.

The solution here is to take a fresh ad code and copy-paste it to your website. Also, make sure your web supports html/php and sometimes java script for some ads to work.

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Encoding adhitz code to my website did not work


You need some programming tools for this purpose; you will need knowledge of the HTML language. As all the code you are using on your Website contain HTML, you need to enter it correctly.  Just copy all the required code making sure of these points.
You are applying the whole code and not just part of the code.
Your code is valid and it contain all details for ads.
Your code is in the language you are using on your website.
If the code is in Java then you need to install it first to see the add.
The code must be a valid code and should not contain spam links.

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Encoding adhitz code to my website did not work


Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing you need to do. You’re right, to generate earnings, you simply need to paste the code to your site. Paste it or place the code on the part of the page where you want the ad to appear. But aside from that, you have to configure your code.

Before you can start earning as Publisher, you have to add your site to their database. Once your website is added, you need to create ad zones, set the pricing, and then select the type of ads you want to allow on your website. Once this is done, AdHitz will generate a code, a piece of HTML code that you need to place or insert on your web pages.

If no ads appear on your website, it means the ad zone you created is not configured properly. Go visit AdHitz then log in to your account and check the configurations of every ad zone you created. AdHitz offer thirteen (13) different sizes for text ads and four (4) different sizes for image ads.

Go to AdHitz Text and Image Ads Samples to see samples of how ads will appear.

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