From where I can get Sery computer time limiter?

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Desk-bound in front of a computer screen for long durations can intensely increase the risk of insomnia and depression. It also causes headaches, backaches and eye strain. Due to these reasons, I want to install Sery computer time limiter software on my computer but I don’t know from where I can get this?  

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From where I can get Sery computer time limiter?


Hi Garcia,

Sorry to hear that kind of scenario you have. We experience the same of set-up therefore I know what you're feeling right now.  It's a great idea that there are software available to keep track our time using computer thus aids us to be healthy and less prone to sickness.

For your concern, there's one site wherein you can download the Sery Computer Time Limiter Software. Aside from Sery, you can also try using another computer time limiter. These are:

  • Romaco Timeout – Designed mainly for children but it will be beneficial to adults too who are working non-stop in the computer.
  • Kioskea Computer Time Limit – This free downloadable version software monitors the computer usage and also helps the user set perimeter for every hour used.
  • Nicekit Software Time Boss – This software help user to be flexible in using a  computer and it is very easy to use.

Hope this helps.

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