Where to find MySQL to word tutorial?

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Hello experts,

Where to find MySQL to word tutorial?

I am having a hard time on browsing over the internet to probably get an answer for this problem.

I need to download a tutorial for me to study it even if I am offline from the internet.

I hope you hear my concern.

Thank you.

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Where to find MySQL to word tutorial?


Are you asking how to export MySQL database to Word?

If yes, just follow these simple steps, and you won't be needing any tutorials.

Step 1: Go to your MySQL database, and choose the database you want. In this case, I chose WordPress database. Click on that and you will see the tables.

Step 2: Click Export

Step 3: Choose the format you want, there are a lot of formats you can choose, in this case I chose Microsoft Word 2000. Then click go, it is just below the dropdown menu, and then your browser will download it. Open the file and now it is in the Word format.

php myadmin


php myadmin export


php myadmin ms wood 200


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