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Where do we find Specify Intranet Microsoft update service location


Generally Microsoft Intranet is a piece of software or a disk which is present in the PC which helps to connect to the internet and we can update the Intranet when we have a group policy.
Intranet update can be updated automatically with group policy.
If we have a group policy in our system before only then it is used to update but in the case it is not there. We need to create a group policy so that it could update the Intranet. To update and create the Group Policy follow these steps:

 Go to Start
 Enter RUN
 In run type “gpedit.MSC”
 Then there will be displayed a dialogue box of Group Policy object edition.
 Click on either of the administrative template nodes.
 Open the action menu.
 Click on add/remove templates.
 Add.
 In Policy templates select wuan.adm
 Open wuan.adm
 Add/remove template
 Close.

In above steps we have set up the group policy, now let’s see how to configure for auto updates:
 Open computer configuration
 Expand administrative templates
 Now click on Windows updates.
Like this we can update our Microsoft intranet.

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