Where can I get unbiased Machine analysis on iPad?

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Yes, they say that the post PC era is here and a number of people have switched to the more portable gadgets like iPads and Tablets, just to mention a few. What I would like to understand is the machine analysis on iPad for an informed opinion on some of its functionalities, challenges and, yes, some tasks that I am able to accomplish using my laptop that I am not able to accomplish on iPad.

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Where can I get unbiased Machine analysis on iPad?



Hi Hannahwtc,


Here is a list of the functionalities of an iPad or any other tablet

1)      It is more portable compared to a laptop. It weighs less and doesn’t cause as much clutter in your bag as a laptop. Just imagine the cords and other devices that come with your laptop. The iPad doesn’t need any of those (well, maybe the charger, but it still weighs less)

2)      It is geared toward internet browsing. As compared to a laptop where you can do more functional tasks like word processing, making presentations and spreadsheets. So if you use a computer mainly to browse websites the iPad is a better choice.

3)      The touchscreen is one of its main selling points. Because of its intuitive user interface, even kids can learn to use it.

4)      Application support. There are lots of applications for the iPad suited to make it useful for you.


Now, let’s look at where an iPad cannot replace a laptop. Generally, the iPad is not meant to replace the laptop as yet. There are still things that you can do only from a laptop. Here are some:

1)      Heavy word-processing tasks. The absence of an immediate keyboard on an iPad makes the laptop a better choice for this task. It’s still more convenient to use a mouse and keyboard combination for this, something you can do with a laptop. Also, laptops have better processing power for these kinds of tasks.

2)      USB storage support. It’s easier to transfer files to a laptop using a USB flash drive. Laptops can also support other forms of external storage devices through USB.

3)      Laptops also have more internal storage as compared to tablets.

4)      CD/DVD burning. It’s still easier to burn CDs and DVDs using a laptop because the hardware is already there.


To sum it all up, I don’t think tablets are ready to replace the laptop. As far as manufacturers are concerned, the tablet is meant to complement the laptop. You can own both or you can choose one based on your needs.

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