Whenever I switch on would revert back to the Windows Basic

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I have a problem and it has become a real hassle. It happens whenever I switch on my PC. Two minutes after, the Windows 7 would revert back to the Windows Basic. At that time, I could not go back to windows 7. After an average of 5 minutes, it would switch back to normal.

This always happens whenever I log in, especially during the time when I am from hibernation.

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Whenever I switch on would revert back to the Windows Basic


Hey there Buddy!

     Do you mean that after 2 minutes your Win7 returns to Win7 Basic? and if so, the changes affects only the Win7 theme? It is Windows itself that chooses what kind of theme to run in your desktop that is why it reverts back to basic theme and then again go to Win7. If I were you, try updating the latest driver for your graphics card so that we can avoid any more issues to pop up when we try these steps:

We have to change the running performance of your PC so the changing of the themes will stop.

1. Press Start Menu and Right-Click "Computer"

2. After you Right-Click "Computer", Choose "Properties"

3. And when you arrived to "Properties", Choose "Advanced System Settings"

4. Another Box will appear, Under "Performance", Choose "Settings"

5. Under "Visual Effects", by default it is "Let Windows choose what's best for my computer", CHANGE it to under "Best Performance" or "Best Appearance" depending on your choice.

And lastly, make sure to tick the Aero Peek option.

Good luck!

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