What is the working with frame?

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Hello guys,
What is the working with frame? How does it work? Where does it use? Please tell me about details. Is working with frame important to web page?

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What is the working with frame?


Frame working is used to design webpage. There are many frame are available for webpage designing. Some are "HTML coding, php, google chrome Frame work etc.". Frame coding is important for webpage designing. It's only can do by program coding. you can create a frame work by doing coding with those program language.

Hope I give the basic information of Framework.

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What is the working with frame?



Now-a-days it is very simple that someone using frames to create web pages. There are some reasons to use it:

Ø  Frame page were very difficult to bookmark in older browsers.

Ø  It is very difficult for both blind and mobility by frames.

Ø  Frames are modifying the interface of browsers.

Ø  Multiple documents can be shown by the creating frame page.


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What is the working with frame?


If you have a website that uses static HTML (*.html or *.htm), you can use the <frame> tag. With this tag, you can display the contents of another page into your page. This tag defines one specific window or frame within a <frameset>. Every <frame> in a <frameset> can have different attributes like scrolling, border, the ability to resize, and others.

Unfortunately, the <frame> tag is not supported in the latest HTML5 standard. To support the use of the <frame> tag, you have to declare your page or document in HTML4 or XHTML standard. Here is an example of the <frame> tag:

<frameset cols=”25%,50%,25%”>
<frame src=”frame_a.htm”>
<frame src=”frame_b.htm”>
<frame src=”frame_c.htm”>

The <frame> tag can be used with or without the <frameset> tag. The <frameset> tag is only used when there are more than one <frame> tags in the document.

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