What type of people use databases?

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Hi Experts,

My client wants to know what type of people use databases. The only thing I can tell him is about is ms access. But really I want to know any advanced type of database software suit his needs. He is running a customer registration system for issuing PC peripherals. 



Sammy Noel

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What type of people use databases?


Hello Sammy,

Such a database will be meant to server the customers who will be using the PC peripherals, but the users of the database will be the employees, the people who will have the rights to access and make changes to the data in the database. The customers will not be having such rights.

The following is an image of how such a database may look like:

hanges to the data in the database

You can just use it a guide to creating the customer registration system that you want. Once you know the people who are using the database and the privileges they will be having, as well as the limitations to those privileges, you will be good to go to start designing the database.



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