What is SVN and how do I installed this software on Windows?

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I would like some information about SVN. What is SVN and how do you use this software? On which computing platform can you install SVN and how can it be of benefit to me? Does using SVN make life easier when working on projects and how does SVN achieve this?

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What is SVN and how do I installed this software on Windows?


SVN (subversion) is basically a version control tool.

Version control is required to maintain various versions of files/ codes we create over time.

It works as client server architecture. SVN server service is utilized from http://subversion.apache.org/.

SVN is cross platform version control tool. SVN makes the project work easier, this we can realize from the most common things we find in our regular job like

1. Updating the working file which will be a common file across the team reaches the entire team as and when the changes are committed.

2. Merging or integrating with other team members work, changes in the same file will be easy.

3. Similarly, examination of changes made from previous versions before commit can be performed to confirm with proper changes.

4. Finally, commit helps in forming an updated version of the file in SVN which can be baseline for future changes.

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