What should I do if i forget my User password??

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I am using a PC which has Windows 7 Ultimate as operating system.

For security I have to use a user password for my profile as its an official PC the password is really important.  

As I am new to my work, sometimes I find it hard to remember my password.

I am worried about it that I may forget the password any time.  

So please some one tell me what should I do if I forget the password?

Is there anyway to remove it or recover the password?

If there is anyway please tell me about it and I will be glad if I find it useful.  

Someone please answer to me as quick as possible because I can forget it any time.  

So as soon as I get the way I will try that and get relief from this worry.

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What should I do if i forget my User password??


A way to make sure that you have a backup when you forget your user account password is to have a “Password Reset Disk”.

You will need a removable storage device, preferably one that you always bring with you (i. e. USB flash drive – CD/DVD will not work).

To start creating one for your user account, do the following steps:

  1. Start.
  2. Control Panel.
  3. User Accounts and Family Safety.
  4. User Accounts.
  5. Click the “Create a password reset disk” in the left column.

It will open a window called “Forgotten Password Wizard”

  1. Click “Next” until the screen asks you for the specific drive of your USB (i. e. Removable Disk (E:)).
  2. Type your password for the user account you’re logged into when asked.
  3. Wait for it to finish and then remove the USB.

To test it, when you log into your user account, click the “Reset password…” beneath the password text field and insert your USB where you saved the password reset.


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What should I do if i forget my User password??


It is easy to remember your password but it is not easy to recover it if you forget it. But I will tell you simple steps to re create your password or user so that no window loss happen and you will able to recover your work.

First if you lost your password turn you PC off and then turn it on again now while booting press the F8 key several times and then it will show you screen with many options or booting window.

Select Safe mode and then click enter.

When the window will boot in safe mode then click on adman and then enter it. It will take you to the start screen of the windows, now go to control panel and you can change your password or can create another user also. It is easy but in case you have no adman access then you need to reinstall the windows again to solve your problem.

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