What should be chess strategy for kids.

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Hi Experts,

I am a teacher in play school where the kids start developing their mind's capability. Now I want to teach them new kids chess strategy, so that they can learn and get expert in life strategies. Please help me out for teaching them best kids chess strategy.

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What should be chess strategy for kids.

Hi there,
I have a good developing move which gets a chess piece off of its starting square. This is an important chess strategy: you May get your pieces into the game (where they can actually accomplish something, either aiding your attack or defense) as soon as you can.
And the reason why you'll usually want to develop your Knights before your Bishops is because it's easier to find a good square on the chess board for your Knights. Look at this:
This is an example of a "can't go wrong" Knight development; the Knights defend the pawns and control those strategically important central squares. Knowing the right spot for a Bishop often isn't so easy.

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