What is RSS Feed and How Do I Create One on Website?

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Please help me to design an RSS feed for my website. How do I develop an RSS feed and which language is best for developing RSS. I have tried developing an RSS in Java for collecting news feed from a certain website but it was not successful. Could somebody tell me why the code was not able to grab the targets that I instructed it to grab?


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What is RSS Feed and How Do I Create One on Website?


RSS is the way that makes easy to find the content we search for. It is the program used by the computer to make well organize headlines and notices. They can be created using HTML. RSS feeds contains items which are SMS and paging related news articles. Every item contains title, description and link. Title indicates the title of your page and description describes the content present over there. Tags will be enclosed between <>. You can also create RSS by using RSS creation software also.

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What is RSS Feed and How Do I Create One on Website?


RSS is the short term used for Rich Site Summary and was originally developed by Netscape. It is a format for distributing frequently changing web content. It actually solves the problem for those people who use the internet regularly because it permits them to easily stay informed by getting the latest content from the sites they are interested in.

RSS saves time because it eliminates the need to visit each site. It also ensures your privacy because it doesn’t require you to subscribe to the site’s mailing list for their email newsletter. Since nowadays, there are many versions of RSS, the term RSS is very frequently used to refer to syndication of web content.

Today, there are different versions of RSS:

  • RDF Site Summary [RSS 0.9, RSS 1.0]
  • Rich Site Summary [RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0]
  • Really Simple Syndication [RSS 2.0]

With these versions, the most commonly used is RSS 0.91. The latest version is RSS 2.0 and is backward-compatible with RSS 0.91. It was Dave Winer who authored the RSS 2.0 specification. On the other hand, if you want to create an RSS feed for your website, visit Create RSS Feed.

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