Dell Laptop shuts down automatically

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I am Jerin. My problem is in my laptop. My laptop is Dell company. It serves me over two years, but now it shut down automatically. If I setup any software then see that, over 50% setup it shut down auto & lot of problem. I cant continue my work properly.

NB : No battery problem.

Thank you.

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Dell Laptop shuts down automatically


There might be either of two issues low causing your laptop to shut down without notice. First of all your system maybe overheating and the other maybe that you have virus in your computer. You should make sure that you have a reliable antivirus installed in your system and the antivirus installed has all the latest updates.

If all updates are installed run a full system scan to determine if your PC is infected with any viruses. Any good antivirus should solve your problem if the error is happening because of a virus.

If you are unable to fix the problem making sure that your computer is free from viruses, your processor/motherboard might be overheating. To solve problem with overheating you need to claim warranty for your laptop (if under warranty) or take support from a qualified technician who can troubleshoot computer hardware.

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Dell Laptop shuts down automatically


Hello jerin,

There may be several reasons that your laptop is turned off automatically. So check one by one.

  1. The computer can be overclocked. If is.
  2. If it is not, one of their fans may shatter. You can open your box when your computer is running, and make sure there are non-fans do not turn in any of the joints.
  3. Problem: in boot comes the following message: CPU previously Shut Down due to.
  4. Thermal event (overheating).
  5. Press F4 to continue. F2 to enter setup.
  6. It may be due to the Virus.


  1. My first assumption is that you are a heat sink is not properly placed in a.
  2. Processor or not has no thermal compound between it and the processor.
  3. Equipment uses a fan exhaust air away from the heatsink.
  4. The fan has a temperature sensor, and may seem to have a standard fan installed on your machine.
  5. You need to change to a better performance of aftermarket heatsink. You can also check the fan sensor.
  6. Run an Antivirus Scan to check. Or reinstall the operating system.

Good luck.

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