What protocol used in building new Network connection?

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I want to build a new network connection in XP,
but I am not sure if I need to install any protocols for it, say:
"client for Microsoft networks"
"client for NetWare"
"client for Novell"

Or I don't have to install any of these?

What protocol do I use in building new network connection?

Could you help me out please?

Thank you

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What protocol used in building new Network connection?


In building the network connection on the system the protocol that we should use is the TCP/IP which can be described as Transfer Control Protocol and Internet Protocol.

It is the protocol that is generally used to transfer data in the form of Packet From one network to another network and only transfers to the network that is reliable.

The installation is done automatically if you select automatic where as manual installation will ask you to choose the network and other related options available in process of connection.

Hence you can easily access your own network without any error and without any data loss in sharing the data to the connected devices across the network.

Thank You. 

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