What is the pros and cons of Windows Vista?

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I am planning to change my old OS into Vista? 

But what are the Pros and Cons of it as a new user?

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What is the pros and cons of Windows Vista?


Some of the things I like about Windows Vista; 

Is the Parent control feature , the parent opens a separate child account and from there can track what the child is up to.

It also has a changed desktop which is refreshing and the 256*256 resolution icons which are amazing. 

Vista has a restore point for your files as you work, so you can back up the older documents you might have deleted earlier.

The vista security feature helps protect your PC from unwanted software's.

Vista can find information faster, quicker, easier, simpler and make it more flexible for your day to day use.

Problem with vista is that it doesn't have photos or word editing program.

It's hard to install.

Confusing  to use something.

 Many programs don't work with Vista.



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What is the pros and cons of Windows Vista?


PROS: Windows Vista has Enhanced networking capability, increased security, new and stylish looks as compared to the Windows XP machine, Side bar and search is integrated, Can use USB drives as RAM which is a major plus, we can Create virtual files without relocating or copying files. Microsoft has also added BitLocker drive encryption in Windows Vista.

CONS: Switching from XP to Vista isn't an easy drive. It may take some time to get used to.
Vista has stiff hardware requirement to use all its features.

System performance is decreased due to excessive use of RAM. You need to have plenty of RAM and a decent processor. Due to Increased Security pop-ups appear every time one tries to download the root file.

Application incompatibility and battery drain can also cause issues with Vista.


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What is the pros and cons of Windows Vista?


Microsoft Windows Vista is an operating system developed by Microsoft. It was formerly code named “Longhorn” and was released for businesses which, in November 30, 2006, hold the most volume licenses. Its worldwide launch was hosted by Bill Gates on January 29, 2007 in Times Square together with Microsoft Office 2007.

Microsoft Windows Vista operating system

It is distributed in nine different versions that fall under the main categories of Home edition and Business edition. The most noticeable change in the operating system’s user interface is Aero, which stands for “authentic, energetic, reflective, and open”. Other new additions to Windows Vista include a quicker and customizable search engine and an XML-based specification similar to PDF files for creating documents.

Some of the underlying technology enhancements in Windows Vista include the improvements to the .NET framework and the fundamental structure of the operating system, simplified application installer and application deployment engine, new audio system, increased support for DRM or Digital Rights Management, multi-vendor security initiative formerly known as Palladium, a messaging system that permits applications to interoperate similarly to Web services, and integrated with IPv6 and peer-to-peer networking capabilities.

Microsoft Windows Vista was released five years after the release of Microsoft Windows XP which is the longest time span between successive releases of Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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