What new features are in Samsung Galaxy A7?

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The latest release of Samsung is the Samsung Galaxy A7. Are there any new features in Galaxy A7 than in Galaxy S6 . Although Galaxy A7 is good in looks but is it more Compatible than Galaxy S6 among users . Will it be more Successful than Galaxy S6?    

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What new features are in Samsung Galaxy A7?


Only new feature i could see in A7 is they got FM Radio and memory card which S6 doesn't have.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Has 5.5 inch screen with 1080×1920 pixels while Samsung Galaxy S6 has 5.1 inch screen with 1440×2560 pixels. With smaller screen and more pixels the images and colour quality on S6 would be better than A7.

Samsung Galaxy A7 has 1Ghz  octacore processor, 2GB RAM , 16 GB internal storage and external memory card supported upto 64 GB while Samsung Galaxy S6 has 1.5 Ghz octacore processor, 3GB RAM, 32/64 GB internal storage and no external memory slot. Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn't have external memory card which is a drawback but performance wise it has more internal storage, more RAM and has heavy processor compared to A7 so performance wise again Samsung S6 has an upperhand.

Samsung Galaxy A7 has 13 megapixel back camera and 5 megapixel front camera while Samsung Galaxy S6 has 16 megapixel back camera and 5 megapixel front camera. Both have same quality front camera but the back camera Samsung Galaxy S6 has better but it wont make big difference but it does have a better quality pictures than A7.

Comparing the prices Samsung Galaxy S6 is far more expansive than Samsung Galaxy A7 so considering the price and the hardware most of the people might go for A7 rather than S6. But if a person wants top model of the brand than definitely he or she might go for S6 even though they might have to spent $200 more.

I feel Samsung Galaxy S6 will be more successful cause A7 is somewhat mid-range phone and many other companies have lot of mid-ranges phones competing with A7 that will effect their sales. But S6 has lots of competition as well but its a samsung flagship model of this year so it is bound to get success.

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What new features are in Samsung Galaxy A7?


Samsung galaxy A7 is the first smart phone with full metal body, contains 5.5 inch FHDs AMOLED display.

-No need to touch the button to take photo,snap can be taken by voice or palm in Samsung galaxy A7.

-it has a voice recognition software.

-it has automatic adjustable audio so it can automatically increase or decrease the volume in response o background noise.

-it has new interface and sounds.

-comparing galaxy A7 with galaxy S6, Galaxy A7 has more extra features

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