What new add-ons are integrated with Mozilla Thunderbird?

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I already have Mozilla Aurora installed in my PC. Now I want to download Mozilla Thunderbird.

Before I do that I want to know what new add-ons are integrated with Mozilla Thunderbird?

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What new add-ons are integrated with Mozilla Thunderbird?


The newest addition are called the Tabbed emails. It allows you to open emails on another tab so it will be easy to go into it when needed. The tab will be seen on top of your menu bar that gives an effective visual experience and will let the toolbars to be more circumstantial.

The tabbed emails will allows the user to keep compound emails open for easy access. If you double-click or press the Enter key on a mail message, that message will be launch on a new tab.

If you close the Thunderbird, the open tabs will be saved and can be restore when you open Thunderbird again. You can also switch on different tabs with the Tab menu on your Tab toolbar.

The single-click Address book is a fast and simple way in adding new contacts on your address book. You can add a new contact by just clicking on the star icon in your received message. You can also add personal details on that person such as photo, birthday, and other information.

There is also an attachment reminder wherein it will search for the word attachment in your message and will inform you to add your attachment before sending your email.

Now it is possible to browse and surf the web without needing to close Thunderbird. Just type in the Thunderbird search box for the word that you want to search and select from the search provider's results. Another way to search is to highlight any word in your email and right-click it and then select the "Search the web for" to start searching.

The Activity Manager will note down the entire interface on your Thunderbird and the email provider in the same place. You don't need to search for your work, you can just go in one place and check what's happening with your email.

The Thunderbird update system ensure that you are running the newest version and inform you when there is a new security update available. These updates are usually very small in size and will give you what you just need and will let you download and install the security update easier. This automatic update system will present the updates on your Thunderbird for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems on about 40 languages.

Thunderbird is an open source enhancement process driven to thousands of enthusiastic, knowledgeable developers and experts around the world. Our sincere and dynamic experts helps to certify that our products are protected and swiftly updated while allowing us to take advantage on the finest third party security scanning and assessment tools to added support for a complete security.

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What new add-ons are integrated with Mozilla Thunderbird?


Thunderbird 2.0 has many new features integrated which makes it lot easier to use.

The most important new feature of  all is that you can add your Gmail account your email address without entering any POP client detail. Other feature adds message tagging, saved searches, more descriptive alerts that include email snippets.

It also has support for Microsoft Exchange.

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