What is the actual use with net back up scratch pool

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What is meant by net backup? What is the job of a scratch pool? How the net backup scratch pool works? What exactly it’s done with the help of the net backup scratch pool?

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What is the actual use with net back up scratch pool


Net backup is something which we all keep using in our day to day life. Net backup works like something which we can gain and drop online and when some sort of information has been lost we can have some sort backup online from where we could gain the lost data. This is what called has the net backup. To say shortly we having some information online which we can retrieve even when it has been removed from its original location.
The scratch pool is something which is used for the editing purposes and making changes for the particular programs which are available online. So we use a scratch pool in many of the project works which assigned to a team having the group of people.
The scratch pool has we have discussed before is a tool used to do alterations for some particular program or a file. And net backup is something like a cloud network which can be accessed from anywhere for some people who have been assigned this project. So many people from that group will be having unique ideas they all will be given different tasks and various function to be performed to complete the project.
So each and every one will be accessing the net backup volume and performing their own alterations. And these all will be saved online with the use of the Net backup volume. All the changes which are made on the net backup volume will be done with the help of the Scratch pool. So once everyone is connected to their net backup volume and made alteration it has to change the permissions of the files which is present in the shared volume or we can change the attributes of the volume and it should be shared with various others to perform alteration.

scratch pool

As we can see from the above pic all the users using the volume and scratch pool will be having to change their attributes and create a new file which or a share volume. Has we can see from the above pic There are two volumes Robot A and Robot B the users from both volumes are using the scratch pool. So it has made a new volume by changing the attributes to make a new shared volume so that everyone can use it.
Things to be remembered:
1. We can’t redo the attributes of the net backup volume or the data volumes to the scratch pool.
2. We need to create pools which are useful, and we need to define the scratch pools to the net backup volumes to extract the information from the data volumes or the net backup files.
Like this the Net backup Scratch pool works.

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