What is Interrupt vector Table?

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What is Interrupt vector Table?

Please explain in detail; your help is highly appreciated.


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What is Interrupt vector Table?


Dear Rizwan,

This vector has the tables of pointers' functions to routine functions having addressable memory and when the interrupt request arrives it is saved in the processor. This table is also called a dispatch table.

It has consecutive offset and segment entries with the interrupt handler. We can also establish our own interrupt handlers and can use them for programming certain tasks. Each interrupt takes a 4 byte value.

This table is a mandatory feature and provision of INTEL 8086 OR 8088 processors. A maximum number of 256 vector tables storing capacity is present in a vector table. We can say that different locations are in it and having the different tables or parameters can jump from one space to another space under certain interruptions.

I am also attaching some tables for further more learning regarding of these tables.

Hope this data will help you to understand the interrupt vector table.



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What is Interrupt vector Table?



IVT (Interrupt Vector Table) is known as a table of 1024 bytes size which contains interrupts addresses. Every address is about 4 bytes in length and therefore the vector table can have 256 addresses (0-255) maximum.                                                                                                
The number can be utilized as a code for searching the address of the routine of interrupt service. This table may operate as indicators, distinctly call function IVT requires number as a case and then as an outcome. IVT directs towards ISR (Interrupt Service Routine). ISR compiles the code and when it gets done then it gets back to the original one. IVT (Interrupt Vector Table) is a table that is located at 0000:0000H address.                                                 
I wish this may help you.
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What is Interrupt vector Table?


In computing, an interrupt vector is a memory address of an interrupt handler or an index into an array called interrupt vector table.

An Interrupt vector table is a  table of interrupt vectors (pointers to routine that handle interrupts). Each interrupt number is reserved for specific use.

An example of an interrupt vector table is the 16 vectors that are reserved for 16IRQ lines. An interrupt vector table is also called a DISPATCH Table.

The interrupt vector table is located in the memory at 0000:0000h. Although it is one of the memory areas frequently used by DOS, It is also available for your own programs. There are two important reasons why you'd want to access IVT:

1.To  get information from it.

2.To change certain information from it.

To avoid possible catastrophes:

  • Use the system tools provided in the form of DOS services for accessing the IVT.
  • IF you must work directly with the IVT. Use the CLI instruction to disable interrupts before accessing the IVT and STT instruction to enable them afterwards.
  • Think twice before hooking imp hardware interrupts such as NMI (Non Maskable Interrupt), which is caused by hardware error –memory parity check.

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