What Is HTML Tag all about

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Hello guys,

I have a question for my job interview what is HTML Tag. Can you please answer the question? I need the detail answer.

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What Is HTML Tag all about



HTML tags have some characteristics and explanations  those are below.

HTML tags are surrounded by the angle brackets. Ex. <… >.

Normally tags are in pairs. Ex <…>……. </…>.

In the pair first tag is called start tag and second one is end tag.

The closing tag is like opening tag but here use forward slash before the tag name.


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What Is HTML Tag all about



Hi Michele,
Tags in HTML are used to put around on some piece of content in your Web page.  Here’s a basic example of an HTML element:
<h1> This is the Header 1 </h1>
An element consists of a pair of tags and its content. The tag will tell the browser that the content of my page is “This is the Header 1” and it is a top level heading.  
A tag consists of a tag name and is surrounded by < and > characters. In my example, <h1> is an opening tag and should end with a closing tag </h1>.  You will know that it is a closing tag because it usually comes after the content and it has backslash “/” before it.  Note that ALL closing tag has “/” in them, this is to inform the browser where a particular content ends.  If a closing tag is missing the Web browser will display an error.
Here’s an example of an HTML document:
     <title>Title of the document</title>
       The content of the document……
All HTML document should start with an <html> tag.  This is the outermost container of the Web page. The browser will interpret it as an HTML program and will display your Web page. 


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