What is this FoxPro about

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Hello there guys.

I don't really know about databases at all.

As starters I would like to know what FoxPro is all about.

Could somebody tell me please?

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What is this FoxPro about


Like Microsoft access foxpro is another database software. It was widely used in older days of good old MS-DOS. It is still used around the world. It has unbuilt programing capability. There is another flavor of it Visual Foxpro. It comes with Visual studio pack.

FoxProis very powerful Database Management System. Its integrate development Environment allows programmer's language. It is both an interpreter and true compiler. As interpreted language, it translates each command into computer instructions, as it is executes the translation time, most possibly during loops.

A compiler improves performance by translating command to machine instructions just once. It replaces commands such as PRINT or LIST with blocks of machine code. This compiled programs run faster than interpreted codes.

FoxPro supports arithmetic functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It also provides many special mathematical and financial functions.

The main screen combines a menu bar across the top line with a command prompt environment based on the command window. FoxPro opens the command window at the beginning of each session. Commands entered into it execute immediately.

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