What is Firefox OS ?

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What is Firefox OS? Is it any new Linux distribution or a new browser which supports HTML 5? Please explain it clearly.. 

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What is Firefox OS ?


Hi Nicholas


What new now is the Mozilla's Firefox OS, also known as Boot to Gecko, they are trying to become a key player in mobile market, which is currently grab by Android and iOS.







Here are thing you need to know about Firefox OS:

* Its Release date : They targeted January 2013 to release the first mobile handset to run under Firefox OS

* The Cost : Telefonica had press release that the first handset, will go out in Brazil, will cost around $100.

* Web-based HTML 5: Firefox OS will be an HTML 5 web-based browser

* Compared with Android: They claimed that the Firefox OS will offer a cheaper price than Android.

* Easy app porting: Since almost all of the application are now written in HTML 5

I hope I had illustrated to you clearly.


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What is Firefox OS ?


Hello Nicholas,

Firefox OS refers to an open source operating system that is meant to be used on smartphones. This OS was developed by Mozilla with the aim to have support for HTML5 apps that have been written using open web technologies as opposed to the platform specific native APIs.

The concept that has been used in building the Firefox operating system is to come up with an user application that can work well with HTMl5, which makes use of APIs to gain direct access to the hardware of the phone using JavaScript. This OS has been demonstrated on smartphones that are compatible with android.




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