How to save a website as PDF

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I am Benton. I am a hobby blogger and a reader of internet articles. I browse a lot of sites and sometimes I save them for future offline viewing. Oftentimes, the saved pages act weird like image not showing up, tables having no data.

I wonder if I could save these pages as PDF. Even un-editable will do. I just need to be sure that the page content appears correct.

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How to save a website as PDF


Saving webpages as PDF files is very easy and comes in handy when you find something interesting that you would like to read it later.

There are a lot of ways to do so, I’ll show you how.


1. Download and install a program called PDF Creator ( This program allows you to create PDF files from Word files, Excel files, image files, etc. This program actually installs a PDF printer driver that appears in your Devices and Printers. Now if you want to save any webpage as a pdf file, just select Print and select the PDF printer as the printer. Create your desired file name and click print to save it as a pdf file.


2. Another such nice program is the Primo PDF Creator. The name of the program is pretty self-explanatory I guess, it can create a PDF file from any other file format. It allows alteration of data even after the PDF file has been created. It also features drag and drop PDF file creation. Primo PDF Creator can be found here:


3. If you are looking for a lightweight PDF creator, take a look at Foxit PDF Creator. It’s a one-click PDF creator, so things are much easier.


4. Another lightweight PDF creator is doPDF. It uses the least system resources while creating a PDF file. It also creates a copy of the web page to be printed in pdf format by embedding font subsets in it. doPDF doesn’t require Ghostscript and is very easy to use.


5. CutePDF Writer also creates a virtual PDF printer which is found in the list of printing devices. It can convert any file into PDF. However, it does require Ghostscript to function. Download CutePDF Writer from here:


6. If you have a slow computer, PDF Redirect will be the best program to carry out such task. It shows the preview of the file you are going to convert the webpage into, merging multiple PDF files into one and password-protecting the PDF files that have been created using it.


7. Last but not the least, Adobe Acrobat Professional is a software that is fully-featured with almost everything you can do with a PDF file. You can read, edit and create PDF files using this software. Adobe Acrobat Professional can be purchased and downloaded from here: All of the above mentioned software can create PDF files from other file formats.


Try them and choose the one that best suits your needs.



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How to save a website as PDF


Actually, you have a lot of options in front. Here are some:

1. Use Acrobat Professional( you have already been using it).
2. Use a Firefox plug in (Firefox has a lot of plug-ins, so surely you would find one for saving as PDF).
3. Use some 3rd party PDF maker.

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How to save a website as PDF


The way I used to do such archiving is by using a printer driver ( yes a printer driver) which works as a printer. If you need to save something as PDF, just print it using that “virtual printer”.

This gives a better option over Firefox plug in because you can use this same driver to save almost any document as PDF.

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How to save a website as PDF


Thanks to all of you. Thanks.

  •  I don’t use Acrobat Professional, its costly.
  •  I have found a PDF printer add-on for Mozilla “print to PDF and installed it, but how do I use it?
  •  The “ virtual printer” seems interesting.  Where can I find this “ virtual printer” ? Is it free?
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How to save a website as PDF


If you are using Mozilla’s print to PDF plug in, then you can find it beside the Address bar (where we type the web address).

If you are using older versions of Firefox, then you can find it under file -> print to PDF.

You can't miss it.

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How to save a website as PDF


You can find a lot of PDF printer drivers. One of them (which I use) is “doPDF”.

You can download it from this website:

Once installed, you can specify whether to use this printer as default. 

If you want to print something (suppose this page) just press CTRL+P and select “doPDF” from the printer name and print.

It is easy to use.

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How to save a website as PDF


Thanks a lot.

It was really a nice tool. I think, I shall stick to it.

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