What is the effect of replicated FTP port Nos on data traffic?

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The question I have is strange. I however request your understanding since the area of network security is new to me. Supposing an administrator modified a port number of an FTP port by say, changing 21 to 23, which is the number of Telnet; finishing the modification would create a pair of No. 23 ports. Would this outcome on an FTP port interfere with data traffic? Your helpful advice/opinion is highly welcome.

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What is the effect of replicated FTP port Nos on data traffic?



Hi Lauren,

If we start from your requirement to replace control port for authentication on FTP server from 21 to some another it is plausible!
Conflict may happen if you choose one of already dedicated port like 23 for Telnet, in that case you don’t have to worry about interference on that port because system wouldn’t allow you to even submit your changes. Either change the port for listening Telnet traffic or you can set port for control FTP traffic on some other non-used port.

If you want to check all assigned ports to the services on your system go to the C:WindowsSystem32driversetcservices

Open that file and you can see every application and service with port assigned to them. Editing this file changes port rules for applications and services.

Hope this was helpful

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