What does it mean only 2 light indicator are on?

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I have just recently bought a new 512MB ram card for my dell desktop, and connected it to the memory slot in my motherboard. I did not touch the other memory card which is also 512MB. When I started my computer all I could access is BIOS menu and I notice that only 2 green lights were on, I checked my memory card in Bios setting it was 2 of them are enabled, so to say it is detected by my pc.

I notice that the 4 lights in front of my desktop (1,2,3,4 led lights), only 1 and 3 are green and 2, 4 does not, it was not like that before, 4 lights are mostly lit when I run my pc. What does this mean only 1 and 3 led indicators have a light?

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What does it mean only 2 light indicator are on?


Computers has it's own light indicator but this depends on what type of computer you are using. Some build-in computers has no lights at all that will tell you what are running and what not.

Since you have installed a new hard drive, it is important to know that the computer recognized the hardware installed. Check the new added hardware in Device Manager by going to Start, Control Panel, Hardware and Sound. Look for newly added hardware and you should see an icon without any yellow triangle that will indicate the driver is missing.

Update the driver provided by the manufacturer to recognized the device. In this, you won't need to worry about the lights indicator in front of your desktop. But all lights should have meaning if your computer have this. The 4th light might indicate that the newly hardware installed is not functioning.

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