What do you think are the best iPad apps

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There are a lot of IPad apps out there.

Is there any that you think is the absolute best

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What do you think are the best iPad apps


The answer for your question depends on what you need. IPad applications have different categories like music, video player, games entertainment, social networking, electronic books, and many more.

So it depends on what your really need. If you like games there are lots of bests, not only one.

Same also in other category, if you need also social networking applications you can also choose many best applications, Facebook, tweeter, and yahoo application available in iPad.

You cannot say best application just because it can do lots of functions, Sometimes and most of the time you can say that it is best because it fits all things that you need in an application.  

Hope this informed you. J

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What do you think are the best iPad apps


It’s very awkward to say which application is the best for your iPad device since we don’t have any idea on what applications most users are fund of including you. Different mobile users have different mobile needs and it expands from time to time after exploring different applications and start using them.

So we really cannot tell which mobile application or iPad application is the best since it really depends on individual users.

If a user is fund of playing games with his iPad then maybe there is one particular program that he can say is the best for him.

But this program may not be the best for another user that doesn’t play too many games. If a user loves composing documents with his iPad then he can select which app is the best for him for editing different documents and again this app may turn out to be not the best for another user.

That’s why we really can never tell which app is the best.

You are the only person who can tell which is the best app for you and nobody else.

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