What is the difference between the modem and a router?

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The modem and the router are just the same, but the router has its antenna and the modem doesn't. Can anyone tell me the difference between these two ? Do the modem and router have the same concept, like configuring it?

I also wonder why a modem has RG11 and a Router has RG45. What are all these? What is the advantage of it in computers, laptops, notebooks, iPhones etc.?

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What is the difference between the modem and a router?


A modem/router gives a high rate of internet access. A router performs the routing of packets. Determines the correct path for data to travel between different networks and the data packets to forward to the next device along this path. Essentially, the networks are connected together.

A modem is a 'modulator/demodulator'. Modulate a signal, to encode the digital information. A modem is what you use to receive your connection to the internet via a telephone line or cable.
A router divides this connection, so it can be used on multiple computers. Modem: modulate/demodulate. It also converts analog to digital and digital to analog. Allows you to connect two computers, on a phone line. You can also have a fax machine. For the old dial-up what is obsolete for the most part is a real modem that was often used for Internet access dial-up and ammunition.

If you are a modem of win or real hardware has the ability to mark independently, to anywhere as a phone.

Router: a device of the computer, which is devoted to providing the change between different subnets. Think of it as a divider of subnet with a brain. Can accommodate two or more subnets at the same time. If you purchase a wireless router in the shop, is truly a router. You can put two or more network cards in an old computer of low range and convert it into a router. Network Bridge – A device that allows two different types of physically disparate network, is. For example 'Cable modems'.

Cable Modems" does not modulate or demodulate. They do not convert analog to digital to analog or digital. What they do is convert to Ethernet coaxial cable. The estancias of the digital signal in the whole process. Are a form of network bridge. DSL modem 'Ethernet' turns into a format of digital subscriber line. Then mixed in a higher frequency in the existing phone line. Data is still kept in a digital format. It is also a form of network bridge and not modulate or demodulate. Does not convert digital to analog or analogue to digital.

Why most calls them 'Modems' Cable or DSL? For the same reason, some people call an open end wrench a spanner wrench. It is easier to say. Do not know better. They have been misinformed. That's all for today. I hope that will be of great help to you.

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What is the difference between the modem and a router?


The basic difference between the modem and router is, it is used for single connections through cables or phone lines but router is used to split the connection for multiple computers. Modem is used for the LAN(Local Area Network) where as router is used for the WAN(Wide Area Network).

A USB modem connects directly, to the machine and requires special drivers. These are quite often not of the highest quality on Mac, because the manufacturer works more on the Windows driver. Quite often kernel panics are caused by poor drivers for USB devices. A router is a stand-alone box, that connects to the phone line and then connects to the rest of your machines via an Ethernet cable.

Modem connects to the router via the standard RJ45 and with the telephone line, via the smaller RJ11. Its job is simply to translate data from one protocol to another, since telephone lines do not use the same signaling and transmission methods that are used in computer networks. Because of this, data isn’t being screened by the modem and any potential threat would still go through to your network.

USB router in the USB port of your computer, which works in anywhere you want to connect the internet. Most of the people are using this device because they will get the internet not only inside the house, they will get quality of the internet even outside the home or office. The reason for this, with this small device, you are able to use high-speed bandwidth to connect the internet fast.

The next advantage with this wireless device is affordability. If you are using either laptop or desktop or both, you can connect the internet based on your convenience.

Hope this answer will end your all queries and doubts.


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What is the difference between the modem and a router?


The name “modem” stands for “modulator-demodulator.” This device modulates outgoing or departing digital signals from a digital device like a computer into analog signals for a traditional copper twisted pair phone line and demodulates incoming or arriving analog signal converting it into digital signal for the digital device. The 2400 bits per second (bps) modem in the recent years that could carry email have become outdated.

Modems with speeds at 14.4 Kbps and 28.8 Kbps were used temporarily. The majority of new computer from early 1998 came with 56 Kbps modems. A router, on the other hand, is a device in packet-switched networks like the internet that verifies the best way for a packet to be forwarded to its destination.

A router
A router

It also connects networks and acts as a dispatcher as it decides which direction to send every information packet. It is located at any gateway or the part of the network where it meets another network.

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