What Is The Difference Between Laptops & Notebooks ?

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Hi All,

What is The Difference between Laptops & notebooks ?

Anyone please help me understand

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What Is The Difference Between Laptops & Notebooks ?


Usually people do not see any difference between using theword notebook and laptop. But there is a difference. Simply saying I would say that the laptop is more powerful machine. But let`s see the difference:

Size difference: notebooks is smaller- usually the screen size is between 12" – 14" TFT, laptop is usually in these parameteres- 14" – 17" (widescreen) TFT.

Battery life: battery life of notebooks is usually 4-5 hour battery life, laptops has battery life longer up to 3 hour+ battery life.

Graphic system: notebooks has graphics subsystem and laptop has Nvidia GeForce or ATI Radeon graphics subsystem, so it is more powerful for home, made to have it on your lap.

Notebooks does not have no internal DVD or CD system and laptop has internal DVD-ROM or DVD-RW drive.

Notebook has smallest possible keyboard that retains functionality and laptop usually provides large full featured keyboard.

Laptop is upgradeable and it has integrated modem, network, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.

So, laptop is better to buy if you want to use your machine at home because it is more powerful and it has better audio and video quality system, as the word lap already reminds, it is made to use it on your lap, at home.

You can buy notebook if you will not really need it for home-using.

I hope it is helpful.

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What Is The Difference Between Laptops & Notebooks ?


Hallo Amid,

A laptop is usually bigger in size compared to a notebook. You may find a laptop that has a TFT screen which is as big as 21 inches but most notebooks are about 10 inches TFT screens.

Laptops have DVD drives in them, hence you can access DVDs and CDs directly on a laptop any time you need to use them, but for notebooks you will have to use an external DVD drive to be able to access DVDs and CDs.

You will find that most laptops have a lot of hard disk space as compared to the notebooks most of which have only up to 160 GB hard disk space.

Notebooks will not be good for functions such as gaming and watching movies which will be supported well by laptops.


Mahesh Babu

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