What is difference between Cgi & Non-Cgi sites

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My brother has to post 500 classifieds ads for his monthly assignments. Can someone please tell me what is difference between Cgi & Non-Cgi sites as he has to post 300 ads on Non-Cgi sites & 200 ads on Cgi sites. Please explain with examples.


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What is difference between Cgi & Non-Cgi sites


CGI means Common Gateway Interface. It is a scripting language for web programming.

Basically there are two kinds of websites

1. Dynamic websites

2. Static websites


Dynamic websites are those website which have interactive material e.g. Shopping cart, forums, facebook etc

Static sites are website which have fixed data and have less or no programming involved like personal websites, history website etc.

Dynamic website which use CGI for their programming are your target. You have to find websites in which you find /cgi-bin/ in their URLs. All other sites are non-CGI sites which is your other target.

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What is difference between Cgi & Non-Cgi sites


Hi Raoabid,

CGI refers to Common Gateway Interface. This is the standard for interfacing external applications with information servers. CGI programs can be written in any language, compiled or interpreted, that is supported by the hosting computer.

CGI script files are separate from web page files. The scripts run on the server.  But languages like JavaScript runs within the browser itself.

Wiki implementation is an example for a CGI program. The user requests name of an entry then the server retrieves the source of that entry's page (if one exists), transforms it into HTML, and sends the result.

Hope this help!

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