What Is CUDA Programming Platform?

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What is it and why is it different from other conventional programming paradigm? What are some of the advantages of using CUDA programming platform? How would you rate programs that have been written using CUDA against more traditional methods? Can you say the learning curve is stiff or it is easy to learn?

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What Is CUDA Programming Platform?



CUDA is a technology developed by NVIDIA, allowing more and powerful features than the traditional coding system.

It enables using the GPU directly, without having any media to provide the GPU the command. One can directly throw program written in C/C++/Fortran to GPU, no Assembly is required.

CUDA enables the GPU work alongside the CPU, giving the power of multi-process handling easier and increase the speed of any computer easily. GPU was meant to be only graphical processor, but with CUDA, it now works like normal processor, bearing the load of graphical processes at the same time.

CUDA programming is easy to do, if you’re familiar with C/C++/Fortran. NVIDIA provides documentation on its SDK and other components.

If you’ve got any modern NVIDIA GPU, you definitely have it in your PC. So, if you wish to get the most of it, you can start learning CUDA.

You can find more info right here.

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