What is the best way to boot a virtual hard disk

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I have a Windows 7 Enterprise on my computer. and I am using a boot virtual hard disk which works perfectly. I have to execute several commands prior to booting the virtual hard disk.

What is the best way to boot a virtual hard disk. Can I modify the boot loader? The virtual hard disk must be copied before it will boot up, then I can boot/start it. Is it possible to run a read-only virtual hard disk to automatically record outputs needed into a temporary partition?

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What is the best way to boot a virtual hard disk


The best way to boot from a virtual hard disk in windows 7 I suppose will be by using Sysprep. It is a tool that will provide the following benefits:

  • It will remove system-specific data from Windows. What it does here is it removes all the system-specific information that is available on an installed Windows image, and that will include things like the computer security identifier.
  • It will also configure Windows so as it can be able to boot to Audit mode. What the audit mode will do is that it will enable you to install any third-party applications that you want and also device drivers. It will also be useful when you need to test the functionality of the computer.
  • It will also reset Windows Product Activation. With Sysprep, you can be able to reset the Windows Product Activation up to three times.

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