What is the best speakers with surround system?

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I'm planning to buy a speaker with a really nice sound system. The type that can sound like you are in a disco since I'm really fond of playing music, specifically RnB and disco music.

So I want to know from experts like you guys on what is the best speaker with surround system.

Thank you.

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What is the best speakers with surround system?


When it comes to speaker and audio systems. It is best to choose from 5.1 channel system to 7.1 Speakers.

5.1 Channel speakers has Left and Right Front channels for main soundtrack info or reproduction for stereo music. With Left and Right surround channels for side and front to rear motion effects to your movie soundtracks. To top it all, a subwoofer channel, for extreme low frequency effects for explosions or bass in music.

7.1 Channel speakers has all the elements of a 5.1 speaker but instead of combining both surround sound and rear channel effects into two channels, 7.1 splits the surround and rear channel information into four channels making the surround sound speakers to be set to the side and the rear or back channels are placed behind the listener.

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What is the best speakers with surround system?


Dear Kimberly,

Nice to know u too are fond of playing music like me so be pleased to answer you question. The above solution related to different specifications about surround sound by Mykilua is absolutely right.
Along with that I would like to add few things. The channel 5.1 is comparatively low-priced than 7.1. in 5.1 you get effect of right and left as well as front sound.
While in 7.1 you will get effect from rare side as well. So dear now its up to you what you want to purchase and your budget.
Going to attach some links regarding this 5.1 and 7.1 channel speakers. Though I my self using Sony – 1000W 5.1-Ch. 3D/WiFi Blu-ray Home Theater System and its working perfectly.
CHECK HERE Sony 1000W 5.1-Ch. 3D / Smart Blu-ray Home Theater System
CHECK HERE Samsung – 7.1 3D Home Theater System – 1330 W RMS – Blu-ray Disc Player
Have a nice day.
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What is the best speakers with surround system?


Hello Kimberly G.,

You are asking for speakers with surround system. The following are the speakers that I recommend you to buy:

1. Fluance AV-BP2 ($99.00)

Fluance AV-BP2 ($99.00)

2. Jamo D8SUR ($345)

Jamo D8SUR ($345)

3. Klipsch RS-42 ($448)

Klipsch RS-42 ($448)

I hope this will help you. These speakers are available in the market.


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