What is the best auto contents generator?

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Hello experts,

What is the best auto contents generator? For some blogs I always heard that it is important to have an auto contents generator. Why is that important for blogging and other website that needs to be visited by internet users? I need your opinions.

Thank you.

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What is the best auto contents generator?


Hello Martha,

Auto content generator is a software that is designed to produce the web page or the blog content for you. I would not suggest you to implement it as it will not give any benefit to the search engine rankings or either it could damage your ranking as well. Main problem is that they produce low quality or i should say poor contents or simply they pull already written content. So try to avoid using it.


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What is the best auto contents generator?


Auto content generator is a software to generate the contents from given keywords for your blogs or websites, almost all of the auto content generator are paid and I don’t have seen any free auto content generator software on the internet. 

This Software generates contents for your blogs/websites and these contents will be SEO friendly and easily searchable with any search engine, in this way you can get more traffic to your website. 

There are two different opinions of expert about auto content generator software, one group of them say that it is very essential for you website and can generate some good contents for you which you cannot generate yourself, but the other group says that most the contents generated by auto content generator software are duplicate and are not unique that you can write yourself and get more response from the internet users. 

So if you want totally unique contents you should not use this software and you may have to write the content yourself and always check them for duplicate contents before placing them onto your website

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What is the best auto contents generator?



The auto content generator has advantages which i will highlight to you, explaining why they are mostly preferred. Most are available for purchase with various payment plans. They are;

For blogs, they boost traffic to the blogger's website and in return they benefit financially whenever adverts placed on their websites are clicked, therefore they get affiliate commissions whenever clicked.
They create content automatically which is given keywords that will be used in search engines, whenever a searching of a particular word is entered, it is targeted therefore shown up in the search results.
They are good time savers as the save time on doing massive edits and writings yourself as, they automatically do it for you.
There are two auto content generators that i can refer to you which are,

The Best Article Spinner & its link – http://articlebuilder.net/?id=northerntrials
The Article Builder & its link – http://thebestspinner.com/ 

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What is the best auto contents generator?


An Auto content generators job is to automatically create new contents for your blog based on topics or keywords that you will specify. It does this by detecting new contents from web feeds automatically , it will then edit those contents to make it look unique and then it fills your blog with new content from the different categories you stated.

All you have to do is specify the topics or contents you want to see on your blog and the Auto content generator will do the rest for you. Below is a sample of a good content generator, please visit the link mentioned:

SCM Sales Page

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