What are the updates to windows 10?

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Apart from changes in interface, I pretty much find windows 10 to be like windows 8. Anyway, I think maybe I have bypassed the complex upgrades made to underlying apps. Is there anyone who can clearly explain to me the major changes that Windows 10 has over windows 8? Which one of them would you recommend and why?

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What are the updates to windows 10?

Windows 10 is not released yet in the market but it is released as preview mainly for the developer. There are many changes in Windows 10 other than the interfaces. Below are the some features of windows 10.
1. Start Menu: We were missing the start menu of windows from the release of windows 8. This start menu is back in windows 10 to its original place in the left side. But it will show the screen functionality of metro app of windows 8 as well just beside the menu option. You can also turn off metro app from the start screen.

2. Metro app: In windows 8 we face many problem with the windows metro app. Whenever you clicked on metro app in windows 8 it takes the entire screen and it was irritating. In windows 10 metro apps are there, but if you click on this metro apps it will not take the full screen. It will open as a small window. You can maximize it if full screen is required.
3. Notification: Windows added coolest notification features. In the right side of the window notification will pop up with useful information. You can control this notification by changing the notification center setting.
4. Setting: On windows 8 the setting was separate in two buckets, but in windows 10 this has been removed and there is only one bucket for setting.
5. Quick Access: In windows 10 one new quick access folder is created. In windows 8 also there is one feature to see the recent files. But in windows 10 it is a folder and within the folder there are several files and folder containing recent files and frequent folders.

If you are planning to buy a system after the release of windows 10 then surely I will recommend for windows 10. Windows 10 has some really good features over windows 8. But if you want to buy one system then go for windows 7. Windows 10 is offering free upgradation to windows 10 from windows 7 and windows 8. So later if you want to upgrade you can easily do that from windows 7.

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