What are the Top CMS with versions up to date?

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Do you know what are the Top CMS with versions right now that can be easily used by anyone to create, edit and modify content on a website? For example, I need to edit a site for a client like Ihop. I want to add a video to invite more customers on the Ihop website. What CMS with versions can I use to be able doing that easily?

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What are the Top CMS with versions up to date?


There is very good Content Management Systems CMS available over the internet. You can use any one of them best suiting your requirements. The majority of the CMS is PHP-based and many of them are free.

  1. Wordpress https://wordpress.org/ This is free and based on PHP. WordPress powers plenty of non-blog websites, as well as multi-page websites and offers some applications to manage social networking as well.
  2. Joomla! https://www.joomla.org/ is a PHP-based free CMS variant. It is used by some very prominent companies as the CMS for their websites, which includes MTV, Harvard University, and also IHOP, which might be of some importance to you. Since, It is used by IHOP, thus this can be the recommended product for you.
  3. Drupal https://www.drupal.org/ Another Free, PHP-based CMS product is another very popular CMS, used by a number of companies like the New York Observer, Popular Science, MIT, Sony Music, Fast Company, and others.
  4. ExpressionEngine https://expressionengine.com/ licensed, PHP-based
    The base code for the ExpressionEngine core is built on CodeIgniter, which is their own open-source PHP framework.

You can search out their tutorials available over the internet.

Hope this helps

Happy Computing.

-Jack Hostler

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