What are those software tracking system?

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Hi guys,

What are those software tracking system? What is the advantage and disadvantage of having a software tracking system in your computer and as well as in your mobile phone devices? I also need an additional information about mobile tracking system, what are those mobile phone devices that support this kind of feature?


Expecting some help, thank you.

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What are those software tracking system?


Hi Alfred,

There are different kinds of software tracking system available in the market. One example is the laptop tracking software. They are specially developed to remotely lock your laptop, wipe out its important data and/or help you track and retrieve your laptop in case it got stolen. Some examples of laptop tracking software are EXO5, FrontDoorSoftware, GadgetTrak, LoJack, Prey, MyLaptopGPS, TheLaptopLock, and MyLaptopTracker. The advantage of having this tracking system on your computer is for protection – it helps you track down your laptop when stolen, clear it with all your crucial data and/or remotely lock it down so the thieves wouldn’t be able to use it. One disadvantage is that it took a large space on your system’s drive, which may cause it to slow down or have conflict with other applications.

 Mobile tracking system also does a somewhat similar job like the laptop tracking system but without the wiping data part. It can track the current position of a mobile phone via GPS, regardless if its moving or not. The advantage of this is that you can easily find the where-about of the person who’s handling the phone. This is actually very useful for parents because they can quickly track their kid’s location anytime. The disadvantage is the lack of privacy for phone users. Any kind of phone made after 2005 that is GPS capable can have this tracking system. If you want to find out some cell phone tracking software available in your area, just try to search for it in Google.

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