What are Intranet, Ethernet and Internet?

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Hey Guys,

How does the terms "Intranet", Ethernet" and Internet differ from each other?

Can you help me differentiate them?


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What are Intranet, Ethernet and Internet?


Hi there Elizabeth,

In this fast revolving world, we are on the age of advanced technology. Meaning, all the things occurring or will be occurring are being aided with computers. Other says that its now the time of computer age. So it is much better that we are acquainted on the terms that refers to this things.

There are difference between these three terms, intranet, Ethernet and internet. First we will have intranet, it is private network that may consist many interlinked local area networks. Intranet allows those within the company to share information and let the employees facilitate from each other in groups through teleconference.

Next, we have Ethernet, the most widely used local area network technology. It is a communication protocol embedded either in software or hardware intended for building local area network.

The most common is the internet. It is a system of computer networks around the world which generally allows all kinds of people in any walks of life to join and use any kind of services like online searching, browsing, online downloading, etc.

Major services are being hosted with the use of World Wide Web. Through internet, you can browse all things or information you want to know with the aid of search engines.

Hope I was able to clear your mind between the difference of those three terms.


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What are Intranet, Ethernet and Internet?


The difference between the three are:

Intranet is a collection of private computer networks on an organization. Generally, it uses such technologies as their tool to establish communication between people or groups to refine data sharing. It utilizes Ethernet, Wireless Networks, Browsers, TCP/IP and Servers. A typical intranet has an internet connection but it is more secured so that it cannot be accessed by anyone.

Ethernet is also called as the LAN technology designated in a standard IEEE 802.3. It uses a coaxial cable or twisted pair of wires. Ethernet was developed by Xerox Corporation with the help of DEC and Intel.

Internet on the other hand is the interconnected computer networks that uses TCP/IP. It carries an extended range of services such as hypertext documents on the World Wide Web and the infrastructure for emails.

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