What are the different types of internet connections?

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I am using PLDT as my ISP; my connection is at minimum speed of a 384 kbps. Their connection is consistent unlike other ISP which promises fast uninterrupted connection but the truth is all of them are slow when pick hours.

I just wondering if my connection is the best compared to others so I just want to know what are the other types or kinds of internet connection.

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What are the different types of internet connections?


Several kinds of internet connection are available and you may choose one of them.  You shall ask the internet service provider which kind of connection is the best. 

For example, you want to use wireless connection, you have to check whether the wireless signal reaches your location.

Here below is the lists of Internet connection.

  1. Wireless or WI-Fi connection

    • Radio waves are used in this connection for data transmission. The advantage is that this connection is accessed by multiple users simultaneously.  Fast food chains or coffee shops or some places could find Wi-Fi connection available and sometimes it is free of charge so that the customers could use the mobile devices and laptops which have Wi-Fi features to access internet.
  2. Cable connection

    • Coaxial cable is used for this kind of connection and for higher bandwidth transmission is supported, the speed is much faster than other methods.  The connection usually comes with Cable TV lines through a modem.
  3. DSL connection

    • If you have a line, you could use Direct Subscriber Line DSL which is very popular now.  The connection of DSL is split of the data and the voice.  The data part is used when you use an internet connection and the voice part is used when you call other mobile phones or other telephone.
  4. Dial-up connection

    • The cost is the lowest but the connection is the slowest among all kinds of connection. This is an analogue connection by using prepaid cards and also known as dial-up connection using a land line or a phone line to connect internet via an ISP.  You shall use this for checking emails but this is not suitable for downloading files.  Another disadvantage is that you cannot use the phone and the internet connection simultaneously because one line is used for both voice and data.  You have to hang up the phone when you use the internet connection or if you receive a call from another phone, the internet connection will be terminated.
  5. Satellite connection

    • If a location is too remote where ordinary landline or wireless connection are not available, the users could try to use satellite internet. The connection speed is much slower compared to DSL or Cable because the connection signals have to travel a long distance.
  6. Tier Carrier connection

    • Also there are T1, T2 to T5 connections.  A faster internet connection can be found in a higher channels (1-5) and T5 could be connected at up to 400Mbps.
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What are the different types of internet connections?



The Types of internet Connections that are used today are the following:

  1. Dial-up. This is the first Internet Connection used but is now becoming unpopular these days. Its speed is just between 2400 bytes per second to 56 kilobytes per second.
  2.  Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). This is much like a Dial-up which uses telephone lines to dial to a server and be able to connect to the internet. Its speed is between 64 Kbps to 128 Kbps.
  3. Broadband ISDN (B-ISDN). The same with ISDN but instead of telephone lines, this uses fiber optic phone lines. This type of internet connection is not commonly used today.
  4. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). This type of internet connection still uses a phone network but there is no need to dial up since it is always connected to the internet. Its speed is between 128 Kbps to 8 Mbps.
  5. Cable. This uses cable TV lines. Its speed can reach up to 27 Mbps but gets slower the more people are using it on the same cable line.
  6. Wireless Internet. This is a new type of internet connection that uses radio frequencies in connecting to the internet. 
  7. Satellite/Internet over Satellite. This uses the space satellites to connect to the internet. Its speed is between 492 Kbps to 512 Kbps.

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