What are the best kids filter?

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Hello everybody, I have computer with internet connection at home. My child also like to browse internet and I do not want them to stop browsing internet. Is there any best kids filter? I want to filter all adult websites. So that I can protect my child from seeing adult movie but they can easily browse other safe website. Please help me with details.


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What are the best kids filter?


Hello Mr Derek,

There are some good web filtering programs available by which you can save your kids from inappropriate contents.

Check out these software's :

Naomi software : Blocks forbidden materials by shutting down the browser, contains good parental control feature.

The Web Blocker : Per-user basis website blocking, content filtering, monitoring internet history etc.

K9 Web Protection : Blocking sites in more than 70 categories, safe search, password protection, time restriction and many more.

We Blocker : Block thousands of websites, download contents by email address.

B Gone : Keyword-based site blocking, prevents unwanted pop up and sites.

If you are interested in paid products then check out this Top Ten Internet Filters Review. Hope this will help your children experience safe and clean internet browsing.

Best regards.

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What are the best kids filter?


Hi Derek A Rosas,

First I want to thank to take the positive decision to allow your child for browsing internet.

I have seen some peoples take the wrong decision. I say that they are cutting their head for their headache. I am also allowing my child for browsing the net. There are many educational sites for kids.

They can learn from these sites in a funny and interesting way. Your responsibility is to use a filter for adult websites to protect child from seeing adult contents.

I have used Net Nanny internet protection software, one of the best kids filter software in the world.

You may try with it. Go to website for YouTube video tutorial.

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