What is 802.11ac on Asus G75VW?

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I am planning to buy a new laptop. So I was doing some researching when I came across Asus g75vw with 802.

11ac feature.

What is this feature?

Is it really useful?

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What is 802.11ac on Asus G75VW?


We've got 600Mbps on our 802.11n wireless router but it seems that we are stuck to that level with several antennas and various connections at the same time, hence receiving even 300Mbps from a top of the line 802.11n router that is truly impossible.

This is the time to go with the newest standard and the 802.11ac seems to be getting better this year. It presents speed from 900Mbps to 1750Mbps. The first routers will soon be released on the market and ASUS G75VW could be the first laptop that will introduce the newest WLAN cards. ASUS even revealed this laptop that has the speed similar to 400Mbps out of the 900Mbps built-in WLAN cards from Broadcom. ASUS AC66U recently published about the 802.11ac being at the further end of the wireless cord.

A demo created by a unknown marketing guru in Taiwan showed a router situated with a few centimeters and about an inch away from a laptop, hence to slash some slack, this is most likely essential as Computex Tradeshow flow was loaded with hundreds of distinct wireless devices and network connections. Additional devices will come out this year, while the 802.11ac will stay for stay for few more years. We are using a mobile phone which is the primary device that we used on our daily lives still doesn't support the USB 3.0 or the 802.11ac wireless connection but other devices might do.

Phones will most likely won't receive the 802.11ac before next year.

Phones probably won’t be able to obtain the 802.11ac before 2013. The 8-antenna access point together with the 2-antenna devices on 160MHz beyond the multi-user-multiple-input-multiple-output with 160MHz/channel, you can be able to obtain the 6.93Gbits/second. However, this can be expected after more years.

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What is 802.11ac on Asus G75VW?


Hello Sashankvarma,

802.11ac is the next generation computer networking standard for wireless networking which should be up to six times faster than 802.11n. The previous standard was 802.11n which theoretically was supposed to provide up to 600Mbps connection to an 802.11n router though you would really need high end stuff to at least get 300Mbps. The 802.11ac on the other hand, in theory should provide connections from 900Mbps up to 1300Mbps, provided that you are also using an 802.11ac router.

Asus was able to give a demonstrate speeds that reached close to 400Mbps using a Broadcom 900Mbps built-in wireless network card and their own router the Asus RT AC66U.

Now with the Asus G75vw being a gaming laptop, having a wireless network adapter that can support 802.11ac would really come in handy, especially with online games

Hope this helps..

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