What is 404 error???. Why do i get this?

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I am a regular surfer on the web and I enjoy it but some times I see a message that says, "404 error" and then goes no where.

I don't understand this problem and why this happens? Is this a problem with the browser I am using or some thing else ? I am using Firefox 3.6.17 version. What is the problem with it? and is there any solution for this problem?

If it is a problem of the browser then what can I do ? Please suggest me some way.

If it is a problem not related to the browser, then what is the reason please tell me and how can I overcome this problem??

Its really very important to me, as I always have to face this problem.

So please, some one tell me about it and its remedy.


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What is 404 error???. Why do i get this?


It is a HTTP standard response code, "Not Found", telling that the client which is the web browser, is unable to communicate with the server, but server can find what is requested.

This is a client side error, which could be cause because of mistyped URL. But this not means, the server that URL referring does not exists. It says that the server itself is found, but it unable to retrieve the requested page. Sometimes it often returned when pages on the server were moved or deleted.

If you are in a networked area, such as office, class room or any place, that you haven’t got the administrator privileges, this is a common situation that anyone in there have to face. On those places some sites are restricted. For example offices do not like their employees hang around the FaceBook. So from the proxy they restrict the site FaceBook. When a client requests the page FaceBook, it will returns the 404 page not found because remote host is not present.

When you are dealing with the internet it is useful to understand those error codes.

If you take 404

  • The first digit 4, telling that this is a client error.
  • The middle digit 0, telling that this is a general syntax error, sometimes could be spelling mistake.
  • The last digit 4, telling the specific error description in the group 40x.

There can be another reason for this. If you have slow connection and take too much time to load a webpage, it will give

Touch error: 404, Connection timed out (Error #10060)

Then you have to think about your Internet connection speed.

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What is 404 error???. Why do i get this?



The problem your facing is an interesting thing to learn. It is unknown to many people. Many people think that maybe there’s something wrong with their browser, that’s why this “404 Error” is showing. But believe me, it has nothing to do with the browser.

Well “404” or “404 Error” or “the page cannot be displayed” is a HTTP standard response code, showing that the client or the ISP was not able to communicate with the server. The server could not find what you entered in the address bar. A “404” or “404 Error” or “the page cannot be displayed” such type of error indicates that the requested address will be available within a short time or in future.

There are many reasons for which this error occurs. I’m discussing them.

But first of all I like to assure you that this problem has nothing to do with your browser. Your browser is completely ok. So no need to worry about that. But still I would suggest you to use the latest version of your favorite browser.

1. Sometimes this type of message occurs when a site is changing its function or something else at that time you try to visit that website. Because internet is an ever changing place. I have faced such kind of problem. I have seen that after using a site for some time. When I again entered to the site it says “404 error – Under Construction”

2. Sometimes it so happens that the admin of the site changes his site and sometimes changes or deletes links. If you try to visit at that time you will see the same message. Basically the well learned admin takes care that the all links doesn’t break down. But still there are some Adman’s who doesn’t care this.

3. Sometimes we misspell the link and put a wrong link in our address bar. Like “FaceBook” instead of “ FaceBook” That time due to wrong link the server cannot find what you are looking for and thus they show this message- “404” or “404 Error” or “the page cannot be displayed”.

4. It happens that sometimes we refer some links to someone or we give a word file containing hyperlink. If we press on the hyperlink It will direct us to the site. While that time the link may be already broken. Then this type of message will be displayed.

5. Sometimes it happens that the owner of the site is changed and it moves to another host. That time this type of message may occur.

6. Sometimes it happens that the admin is uploading a file into his site. And his software or electricity fluctuation occurs. This can cause broken links to the site. And thus this type of message may occur.

7. Some sites may be shut down due to Piracy, Pornography, and other unsocial things. So if you try to visit that site then you will see the same type of message.

8. Sometimes if our net connection is really weak or visiting a big site then sometimes server fails to open that site. So the message “404” or “404 Error” or “the page cannot be displayed” may occur.

Hope you find my solution effective. And won’t worry about your browser

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What is 404 error???. Why do i get this?


We've all received an error like the one shown below:

File not found – requested URL not found on this server

It's annoying!!! Don’t you think? When you searched for something and found what perfect, and at the end received a note like this. Blast!!!! Horrible isn't it??

What happens to that site? Internet is very fluid, in fact it changes constantly. So there can be many more obsolete links. But usually a real good web master, never ever deletes a page on his own web site. What they do is create redirect pages.  Also another fact is servers are case sensitive. So the misspelled URL can create a problem leading to 404.  So never type the hyperlink in yourself, it will reduces the possibility of encountering a error.

Sometimes a site can be moves into another host. This will often happens when a site overgrowing its host. So when a web master boots one of server without any notice, and had to rebuild the site with a scratch. Certainly this will lead into a 404.

And finally you must remember that most of the search engines only examine web sites every month or less or more. So the probability of having broken links in your search results much more than you ever can think.

You got it now didn't you??

So it's not a problem in your browser. It's a problem of what you clicked.

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