Web site local host problem

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I have Microsoft Windows 7 on my laptop. I am trying to run a website from this computer just for personal use. I started up IIS services from Windows Features in control panel. Also configured website through IIS Manager. Most of the things are working fine and i am able to access the site through my own computer using But whenever i tried to open this site (Using my Ip address) it says webserver not found/ site not found.

I tried configuring my firewall but i don't know what settings to apply for my site so i disabled the firewall too. And tried accessing site still its same as before.

I am using Windows 7 IIS 7.5 with a dialup connection and i want to know why this is not working for me. Do i need any special hardware like servers to run a web site?

I also heard about some port forwarding thing but don't know exactly how to do that it will b great help if you can tell me how to setup this site for my own personal use.

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Web site local host problem


Hi Willard,

Good job getting the IIS to work for you local ( connection.

If anything that eliminates server configuration issues from the list of possible problems preventing you from accessing your server.

Here is how to isolate the problem:

  1. Determine if local Firewall is interfering. If you have another machine on the same LAN (could even use a Smartphone etc as long as it has web connectivity through LAN) then you can try navigating to http://<windows-iis-local-ip>. You can find your iis server's local IP by going to Start > Run. Type "CMD" without the quotes. On the window that opens type "ipconfig" and get the IP from there.
  2. If this works then the problem is prolly on your router and you should forward port 80 to your IIS machine's local IP.
  3. If you cannot access this then your firewall might be preventing inbound connections, so go to Control Panel > System and Security -> Windows Firewall. On the left pane, click on "Allow a program through windows firewall". Look for IIS and make sure it is checked.

Hope this helps.

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Web site local host problem



Using the or what we call the loop back or localhost is for testing purposes only and it does not even fail in opening however, only you have an access of the site. Another way to get your site up and running is to edit your host file.

This file contains the presets regarding your IP address, localhost, and etc. Normally, You could not open your site using your IP address because the original setting of the host file is using the localhost as it's default.

To make your website accessible by using your IP address, you have to locate the host file at C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc. The host file can be opened via text editor or notepad.

Once you have opened the file in the text editor, you will notice that only the localhost is listed, therefore only the localhost will be recognized by your browser except for websites accessible via internet. When dealing with your own website, you have to add your IP address and computer name by just following the format of the localhost. ex ComputerName.

You can add it next to the localhost and then save and exit. When someone is connected to your computer through a network and typed your IP address or computer name to their browser, they can now interact with your website.

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