Want to show adsl speed indicator

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Hi guys,

I want to show an ADSL speed indicator in my taskbar.

I use windows 8 64-bit professional and D-link router.

If I need another software beyond the windows, please tell me which software I should use and how can I install it.


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Want to show adsl speed indicator


Follow the steps below:

1. Download the Net Speed Monitor for Windows (MSI, x64) then install it. http://netspeedmonitor-x86.updatestar.com/

2. After installation, a window will appear and will ask you if you want to have the NetSpeedMonitor toolbar on your taskbar. Just click yes.

3. Download the Bandwidth Meter program then install it.


After the steps, you will see your internet speed as well as bandwidth meter.

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Want to show adsl speed indicator


Hi Macias,

There is a lot of software that lets you test the ADSL speed. Here are some suggestions:

  1. McAfee Internet Connection Speedometer : Results may be in KBPS or MBPS depending on the speed of your internet.
  2. Test My Speed : This is web based, it shows both download and upload speed. The download speed would be the best indicator of your ADSL speed.
  3. Audit My PC Internet Speed Test : This is also web based, it shows the download and upload speed through bar graphs, you can also compare to other common Internet connection like cable, Ethernet or T2.

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